So the secret is finally out. I will be spending the summer season at Leadenham Polo Club in Lincolnshire immersing myself in all things polo.

After a couple of false starts, I finally made it to Leadenham as the heavens opened and after a rather naughty stop for emergency chips at McDonalds in Sleaford. I am deeply ashamed. If my booker is reading this, fear not, it was a small portion.

Driving through the bijou and picturesque village, so reminiscent of The Cotswolds and villages such as Sapperton, you could be mistaken for thinking that we were in the heart of ‘Polo Country’, with numerous clubs dotted around the area.

In typical polo style, my accommodation for the summer was not yet ready. Fortunately, I had the sense, or luck, to arrive on a Monday afternoon, when the ‘clubhouse’ itself wasn’t booked. Therefore the lovely Lydia (club secretary) managed to find me a beautiful room within the club’s guest accommodation, a large, high ceilinged room with peach walls and a beautiful view out onto the polo field.

Although technically I was now homeless, the idea of spending a few nights in such a beautiful building was by no means a hardship, although I was now faced with the task of moving my kit twice, which is a rather daunting prospect indeed- considering I had packed nearly everything but the kitchen sink so as to be prepared for all potential eventualities this summer.

As the weather took a turn for the cold and wet, plans to explore the village were shelved until the evening, where we all headed to the local pub, The George for a late supper of Steak and Chips, washed down with a gin and tonic or two, much needed comfort food in the distinctly inclement weather.

I had arrived.

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